Tips for a New Clients

Are you a new client that hasn’t been to our salon before?  We can’t wait to meet you, but before we do here are a few good tips to be ready for your first visit!


1. Bring a picture!! Are you considering a new cut or color, or even just a different style after a trim? Bring a picture! It is so much easier to discuss specific angles, cuts, and color when there is a picture to look at. If you need some inspiration check out our facebook client photos, or our pinterest account which features lots and lots of ideas!

2. Prep your hair! Or don’t! If you are coming in for a haircut or color come in with dry hair up or down. We will do a shampoo and style your hair after the cut or color, so you will leave looking great! If you are coming in for formal event styling come in with hair freshly Shampooed and dried. This makes it easy to start on the styling right away!

3. Tell us what you like! We love to make your look completely you so please tell us how you like to wear your hair, what products and styling tools you use at home, what challenges you encounter with it, and what you love about it! That way when we are styling your hair it works when you go home and style it too!


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