Merriam Webster’s website says ombre means having tones and colors that shade into each other. You don’t have to look far theses days to see rugs, bedspreads, and other home decor in ombre as well as clothing, nails, makeup and last but not least, hair! For hair color ombre has gone two ways, natural and wild.


DSCN0989DSCN0851Pink Ombre3

The natural look has blondes adding dark colors to their ends, or the opposite, dark haired ladies going light at the ends. Some may think the latter looks like a bad color job grown out, but it’s all about where the color falls. Keeping the color far enough to the bottom, so that it doesn’t fall more than halfway up the length of the hair, makes the look work. It says it’s meant to be that way instead of I haven’t been to the stylist in too long!

And the wild kids out there are skipping normal hair colors altogether and going for a rainbow ombre look. Blue, purple, pink and combinations with all of those together make up the brighter side of ombre. It can be just at the ends and we’ve seen it most popular on blondes, while others are coloring the whole head blue and maybe fading into a purple or green!

 So if you’re feeling a little blah going into spring, try out some ombre! We can help you get any color you want!

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