Dry Winter Skin Part 2: Hands and Feet

So last week we told you the best way to clean up dandruff and leave your scalp feeling clean and refreshed. If you missed it, check out our last blog post! This week we are more concerned with your hands and feet. Your hands are exposed to most of the cold this time of year. You may not always have gloves on, exposing hands to the harsh wind and brutal temperatures, and washing your hands frequently to avoid the flu will dry your hands out too. Feet, on the other hand, will hide away in our socks, shoes, and slippers but they shouldn’t be forgotten! Aveda makes a wonderful healing cream for both!

Aveda Hand Relief and Aveda Foot Relief can moisturize and protect your skin in this harsh weather. Both are good for frequent use and will nourish and soften dry, rough spots.

av_A04M_254 Our Stylists can help you with all sorts of products, not just for your hair! So if you’re still feeling a little dry after our scalp moisturizing suggestion, stop by to stock up on all our products to cure your winter itching!


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