Hiding Hair From Humidity





Need to spend all spring under an umbrella?


Does your hair look like this when it starts getting humid, or does it just fall flat? When spring hits, especially in mid-Michigan, there is no shortage of April Showers! And while we all love to have our plants blooming come May, it’s not likely we enjoy what the increased humidity does to our hair. It can make hair frizz out, or hang limp! ┬áBut we have the product that is the solution to all your rainy hair problems! To keep your locks smooth this rainy season stop by and see us to purchase the product the will help your hair fight the weather!

Our stylists can help you pick the best product for you hair type, whether your hair expands or collapses in the springtime. We will keep you looking good all season!


See you soon!

New Style Salon



Image courtesy of adamr /FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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