8 Hairstyles Men Love

Alright ladies, we all know that Cosmo magazines have the best relationship advice, but what about hair advice?!

Turns out they do a pretty good job in that category too, so for this week’s post we are sharing their advice for how to combine the two!

Do you ever wonder what kind of hair men really want you to have? Well, Cosmo has the answer. They claim that the following styles are the 8 ways to wear your hair that will have men chasing after you!!!

Here is the first image from their list:

anna faris

Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

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Straight Up Sexy

Why Guys Love It: From an evolutionary perspective, guys  subconsciously like hair that looks clean and healthy, like Anna Faris’s blond  locks. “Hair that’s in top condition shows that you have a balanced diet and  good health — signs of an ideal mate,” says biological anthropologist Helen  Fisher PhD.

How to Get It: Work a silicone-based straightening serum  through damp hair before blow-drying. Clip locks in 4-6 sections depending on  how thick your hair is. Then tackle one at a time with a paddle brush and a  blow-dryer equipped with a nozzle pointed straight down. Finish with a light  shine spray.


For the other seven visit their website, let us know what you think! http://www.cosmopolitan.com/hairstyles-beauty/hair-care/hairstyles-men-love#slide-1

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