5 Essentials Summer Hair and Body Care Items!

There are certain products and essentials tools needed for your hair and body during different seasons! Are you prepared for all summer has to offer? Do you have all the items that top our list? If not you should stop by the salon soon and pick up everything to get you through the next few months! While you’re there our stylists can answer all your questions and help get the products that are right for you!

1. Anti-frizz product – Whether it’s a spray, a cream, or a gel, an anti frizz product is a must have item.┬áThis time of year it gets really humid. When it does you don’t want to have to hide out inside the air conditioning just to keep your hair looking good! Make sure you have the right anti-frizz product to manage your hair and keep it looking sleek and smooth!

2. Conditioner – All the time spent in the sun and the pool will dry out your hair. Chlorine can be especially damaging to the hair. Make sure you keep hair moisturized and untangled with a good conditioner. There are different kinds available for color treated hair, straight hair, curly hair, and anything in-between!

3. Comb – After you condition you’ll want to make sure you comb through your strands so hair doesn’t get tangled up! Stop by and purchase a good wide tooth comb to keep strands unwound. This is extra important for girls with long hair that play in chlorine pools. If they don’t detangle hair right away it can become a huge knot which is painful and time consuming to comb out and can sometimes even require a trip to the salon.

4. Nail Polish – After you’ve spent time getting a manicure or pedicure in the salon make sure you’ve got the matching polish color to take home and do touch-ups! You don’t want to be on your way to the beach to look down and notice a toenail needs a touchup and not have polish on hand!

5. Lotion – When the fun in the sun is over make sure to rehydrate skin with a good lotion. Your dried out skin will need some help replenishing the moisture lost.

Essential Summer Products


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